Fusion $15
Our own Pineapple infused Orange flavored Vodka

Rare650 Cosmo (Draft Cocktail) $15
Grey Goose Vodka, St-Germaine, Lime Juice, White Cranberry Juice

Gold Fashioned $15
Aberfeldy 12 Single Malt Scotch, Local New York Honey Syrup, Orange Bitters, Sage

Cinnamon Spiced Mule $15
Bacardi Spiced Rum, Craft Batched Cinnamon Spiced Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime

Prickly Pear Margarita (Draft Cocktail) $17
Patron Reposado, Lychee Liqueur, Sour Mix, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime Juice, Pink Salt Rim

Maple Smoked Old Fashioned $18
Angels Envy Bourbon, Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup, Angosutra Bitters, Smoked Table Side

Peach Rosemary Spritz $15
Grey Goose Peach Rosemary Essence, St Germaine, Topped with Club Soda

Bombay Bramble $15
Bombay Bramble Gin, St-Germaine, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice

Winter Bourbon Smash $15
Great Jones Bourbon, Raspberry Preserves, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Topped with Club Soda

Devil’s Advocate $15
Jalapeno Infused 1800 Coconut Tequila, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice

Spiced Pear Collins $16
Hendricks Gin, Pear Puree, Rosemary Clove Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Club Soda

Route 135 (Draft Cocktail) $15
Grey Goose Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Martini and Rossi Fierro, Fresh Lime Juice, Passion Fruit Syrup
Add aromatic Passionfruit Bubble $7

Green Tea Highball $15
Kikori Japanese Whisky, Lemon Juice, Honey Syrup, Green Tea, Splash Ginger Ale

Keep Walking $18
Johnnie Walker High Rye, Barenjager Honey Liqueur, Amaro Nonino, Orange Bitters, Mist of Lagavulin

Hemmingway’s Expedition $16
Pierdre Almas Mezcal, Aperol, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Lime Juice, Grapefruit Bitters, Club Soda

Garden Spritz $15
Chandon Garden Sparkling Wine and Fresh Cut Fruit

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